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Body Gesture Interaction Systems

This video shows the results of the PhD thesis project of title "Markerless Full-Body Human Motion Capture and Combined Motor Action Recognition for Human-Computer Interaction" developed by Luis Unzueta( at CEIT ( ).


The space between us' is a motion tracking installation which is a trigger for interaction between people.
Most new media communication systems today are
channeled through the medium of written text, for example, email, chat, sms.
Our bodies remain passive and the lack of non-verbal cues often leads to misunderstanding.
In this installation, participants are encouraged to use their body to explore new ways of expression through new media and body language. This will create a responsive environment which has the potential to generate interaction. The system responds to physical movement, location, proximity, body structure and posture. These parameters will be collected in real time and then translated into an audio-visual language.'The space between us' examines the instance of the computer as an agent for communication between people. It offers a playful experience which aims to bring people together and celebrate their non-verbal skills in communication.


Extreme Reality (XTR) is a world leader in 3D Human-Machine Interaction.
Providing software based solution for 3D computer control using hands & body movements.

XTR developed proprietary real-time high-resolution software that analyzes 3D human motions using one simple web cam without any additional accessories.

It allows users to interact with computers and gaming consoles, play games and interact in virtual worlds using natural human motions instead of using keyboards, mouses and joysticks, or any other hardware devices. And use their hands as
a virtual mouse.

XTR universal interface can be tailored and seamlessly integrate without modifications to existing applications. It also runs on mobile devices, and may be ported to any embedded platform.

Project Natal Xbox 360: Full body interaction

connecting digital and physical world:

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