Dienstag, 20. Mai 2008

Tilty Table

Cool Map Interaction:

3D Interaction with mobile phone

foot Mouse

If you have worked a lot at your computer and your hands are tired you can just relax and use your feet :)
Maybe you can try to change your input device each day to make your body doing some sport; each day different part of your body ;)

Nose Interaction

How many methods can you imagine for using your Nose in order to interact with Computer? ;)

These are the ones I have found :)

You can use the smartNAV video and the dots on your Nose to interact with Computer. On the following Video they have used the dots on the head.

Wikeye - Interaction of Mobile Camera Devices with Paper map

here is the traditional paper-based map used in order to get information. Besides a hand-held device can help getting digital information about a part of map which is the focus of interest.

Sensing Techniques for Mobile Interaction

This was a project at Microsoft Research about different real-World applications of sensors integrated in a hand-held device.

Darwin Controller

Motus Darwin is a motion-based controller. The difference between Darwin and Wii Remote is that Wii Remote tracks its position via accelerometers and an infrared sensor that users must attach to their televisions, but Darwin measures absolute position with respect to earth itself. Using gyroscopes and accelerometers, the controller orients itself to the magnetic north, and senses the direction it is pointing.

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Samstag, 3. Mai 2008

Interactive digital signage

Time slider by passing by:

Soap Interaction

make a mouse work in mid air:

I like the material. It is similar to my teddy bear :) I would call it Teddy bear Interaction ;)

NFC Smart Panel wall 2

using mobile instead of finger:

Multiuser Mixed Interaction Spaces

Interaction with mobile phone:

Interactive Wall: Interact with your own Text

Interactive jubilation wall

The wall that admires your closeness :) Funny Wall...

Interactive Wall

Sound-based Zoom in/out

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2008

Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote ( Johnny Lee )

Brain-Computer Interface

Emotive Systems:

BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype

Interactive War: Art & Design

Adobe Interactive Wall in NYC

Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall @ Innovation Expo 05

Blue Eye Table: Real object to the digital ones

This concept created by myself and other students of the Industrial Design department at the Eindhoven University of Technology shows an innovative way of incorporating objects from the physical world into a digital environment and manipulating them in order to improve brainstorming and the creation of mood boards.

Training Firefox with Speech and Gestures on the table display

Bubble Ray

It changes the size of the Cursor.

Multitouch Wall display using sound:

Touchscreen at Cebit 2007: Without Touch!

Giant Multitouch Large public display at CeBit2007

Shadow Reaching Interaction

An interaction technique
that makes use of a perspective projection applied to a
shadow representation of a user. The technique was designed
to facilitate manipulation over large distances and
enhance understanding in collaborative settings.

Another similar work with shadows:

HCI group at Konstanz University