Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

Why Phones Are Not Computers

A talk of Scott Jenson at University of stanford:

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2008

Two-handed free interaction

This is based on a finger tracking system that uses the Wii Remote and gloves fitted with retro-reflective markers.

how to present using sketches :)

mobile voice search

uses voice for keyword input:

speech + gesture

in open interface project:

iPhone as an input device


game on mobile phone

From open interface project:

Wii Balance Board interaction

iPhone + touch table

A research at DFKI:

More Ingo under:

interaction with a circular surface

collaboration in a circular surface, using a stylus:

Nano Touch

After Lucid Touch prototype A new, smaller prototype created by Baudisch and his student Gerry Chu at the University of Toronto takes the idea further. Called NanoTouch, it has a 6-centimetre (2.4 inch) screen and a touch pad of the same size on the back . It can detect the touch or press of a finger, allowing the user to move a tiny cursor around and click and drag with it.Read More

On this device the targets can have half of the size of targets on iPhone.

The same concept was introduced for a table at UIST 2006:

Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Brain Driving

Using Brain-Computer Interaction for driving a car model.

Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

Wii Theremin

Making sound with a Nintendo Wii Remote, without touching it.

HCI group at Konstanz University