Freitag, 21. November 2008

luminous room demo

This is about tangible Interface:

luminous room demos from john underkoffler on Vimeo.


This is a demo from MIT Media Laboratory about gesture interaction in a room to control large displays.

g-speak overview 1828121108 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

Their Homepage:

Freitag, 7. November 2008

Just Hand Gestures for Game and Control

This is a work at
Multitouch is possible using just hands in the air.

Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

Foldable Displays

Using infrared tracking and projection, one can simulate displays on flexible and foldable surfaces. This allows us to fit a large interactive display into our pockets. The tracking is accomplis...

The tracking is accomplished using the Wii Remote and IR LEDs by Johnny Lee - Carnegie Mellon University.

Automatic Projector Calibration with Embedded Light Sensors

A demonstration video of a technique used to automatically discover the locations of surfaces in the projection area using embedded light sensors.

Mobile Spray or Wii Spray

MobiSpray by MobiLenin - is a light based spray-painting tool that utilizes the motion sensor of a mobile phone and a video projector to paint on anything, anywhere at anytime, without damaging the environment.

Wii Spray:

Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote

A really interesting work by Johnny Chung Lee. Using an IR led array and some reflective tape, for tracking fingers in thin air using the Wii Remote.

Brilliant ideas, using simple concepts :)

Montag, 3. November 2008

iPhone as Input Device

Air Mouse:

You can control your Windows Pc or Mac using your iPhone by the touch pad or Accelerometer:

Demonstration Video:


Use your iPhone as a remote control for controlling Mac or Windows PCs:

Remote Control your iTunes on your Mac using your iPhone:

Touchpad Pro with ScreenView:

It allows you to control your Mac or PC also with seeing the screen on your mobile phone using the touchpad and screen keyboard of the phone.

GyroPhone - iPhone Gyroscopic Mouse

"It allows you to control your mouse cursor with your iPhone like a Wii controller. There is also a touch pad for more exact movements. Works on both iPhone and iPod touch, and the client runs on all platforms that support java (windows, mac, most distros of linux)."

HCI group at Konstanz University