Freitag, 31. Oktober 2008

HCI future Visions

1957- Kitchen of the Furture (a vision for 2000):

1967- AD Kitchen of the Future(a vision for 1999):

1967- AD Shopping from Home(a vision for 1999):

1993 "You Will" AT&T Ads:

1987- Apple Computer (a vision for 1997):

Pen and Watch PCs- no keyboard and monitor anymore(a vision for 2020):

2008- Office Labs: Future of personal health concept (Microsoft vision):

Future Mobile Phones:

Nokia Morph Concept:

Nokia 888 Design:

Nokia's mobile phone of the future (2)

Mobile Phone just like a swiss knife:

See some Videos about it:

A comedy Video:

A thing in my pocket(a vision for 2020):

Future Mobile Phone from Nokia: a contact lens display(a vision for 2015):

Future of Computer Interface from Jeff Han and Microsoft:

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